Bi-Directional Support for LaTeX


10/10/2010 - Version 0.0.9 Released
  • Added support of 0.19.x FriBiDi
  • Added support of \[ and \] equation tags
  • Cleanup of the code - not to use private API
03/04/2008 - Version 0.0.8 Released
  • Added workaround to a bug in fribidi library that made documents that included LRM/RLM makrs and encoded with cp1255 to fail on compilation.
  • The Mirror of Israel Internet Association is not vaid any more, download files directly from SF.
28/03/2008 - Version 0.0.7 Released
  • Added support of LRM/RLM directional marks that simplify work with complex text layouts.
  • Bug fixes in release scripts, makefiles.
15/09/2007 - The project migrated to SourceForge.
  • Older releases will remain on BerliOS site.
  • The development process will continue on SF.
09/09/2007 - Version 0.0.6 Released
  • Several bugfixes.
  • Support of amd64 platform - binary files.
  • More configureable support of em/en dash.
  • More translations and known tags added.
  • LaTeX specific definitions moved to biditex.sty.
    From now, it is mandatory for include.


You can download it from SourceForge Download Page

The latest development version is always available from subversion by:

svn co


Full user manual: download (Hebrew, pdf).
This is full user manual that describes usage of biditex.
Examples: example.pdf, example.tex, makefile
Simple examples of usage of biditex

Useful links
IvriTeX is a package that provides Hebrew support for LaTeX.
Nikud - Hebrew Culmus fonts in LaTeX with vowel-point placing.
Hebrew TrueType fonts
Guide on using Hebrew TrueType fonts with pdfTeX


This project is developed by Artyom Beilis (Tonkikh). For any feedback - positive, negative, bug reports e-mail me: artyomtnk at yahoo dot com.

It is available under GNU General Public License ver. 2.

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